Translation and website localization

Speaking the same language is vital for penetrating a new market. Make sure your ideal client can easily find you online, purchase your products and services, follow you on social networks, and get professional customer support by translating your website, catalogues, advertising campaigns, press releases, newsletters, banners and keywords in Russian.

Proofreading: if the translation is going to be published offline or online, it should be proofread with utmost care. Remember: your brand image is at stake.

Consecutive interpreting: only in St. Petersburg.

Website testing: functional testing, search engine testing, layout testing

If you want to make sure that your website is localized and translated correctly, no untranslated text is left behind, images and text don’t overlap, all the links work fine, and the internal search engine shows correct results, then this service is just what you need.

Quality Assessment: website, marketing materials

If you’ve had your website or documents translated into Russian and want to make sure that the quality of the translation is high and worth every cent (or penny) you’ve paid, then quality assessment service might come in handy.

Style guide creation (for the Russian language): brand image is hard to build and easy to ruin. That’s why it is important to have some reference document with style rules to follow. It’ll help you keep your brand image as strong as ever.

SEO research: translating keywords with reference to the Yandex (the most important Russian search engine) and Google statistics is important for your online visibility.


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Russian language lessons: if you want to improve your Russian language skills or learn a new language from scratch, drop me a line. We can think out a solution to help you reach the goal.

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