Fashionpedia – a must-have book for your library

I know we live in the 21st century, and yes, Internet is a great source of information. Yet, have you ever dealt with thousands of photos trying to see that very difference between two types of cuffs? Collars? Dresses?

I’ve been looking for a good visual fashion dictionary for a while now. And finally I found one, on Amazon.

Fashionpedia will never become a dust-keeper in your house. Actually it’s that useful that I doubt it will ever leave your work table. Very well-structured, minimalistic and clear content makes it easy and pleasant to use or simply thumb through. This elegant hardcover edition with a black ribbon marker will make an excellent present, too.

If you are a fashion translator or blogger, this investment will be worth every penny you pay for it.

You can read more about it and watch a video on the official website: Fashionpedia.