Areas of translation expertise: unusual path

When it comes to choosing areas of specialization in translation, one often gets various pieces of advice, like “Have you got some hobby? Or may be some previous work experience in this or that field? Try going in that direction”. The influence of our hobbies and background on our areas of specialization is indeed huge. Yet, has it ever happened to you that some of your translation projects were SO interesting and fascinating, that you decided to try something out? Now I can safely claim: yes, it has, and it’s one of the most amazing experiences ever.

Few years ago, a promising Italian mosaicist contacted me and asked me to translate her website into Russian. I happily agreed and delivered the project on time with some SEO recommendations as a bonus. I loved her amazing works of art. They truly were a source of inspiration for me. Never could I have imagined that some years later I would be studying to become a mosaicist myself, making small steps at a time: Roman mosaics, micromosaic and mosaic jewelry with “filati”, modern glass mosaics. I’m learning it all and thinking of going to a jewelry school in a year or so. This way I’ll enrich my knowledge and vocabulary as a fashion and jewelry translator and gain valuable hands-on experience in my specialization area.

It’s unbelievable how interesting projects can lead you to a new hobby that becomes an independent area of specialization in itself.

What about you?

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